A delivery driver faces escalating challenges on his quest to deliver a pizza… in 30 minutes or less.





A delivery driver (The Driver) pulls up to a nice suburban house on a old school red scooter. He looks down at his watch revealing a timer that has 5-6 minutes left. A sticker on his helmet says “PIZZA TIME - 30 minutes or less guaranteed”. He grabs the pizzas and heads towards the house.

He knocks at the door with no reply. Another knock. No reply. He’s getting impatient. Rings the doorbell. No reply. Now a little anxious, he looks down at the receipt and sees the address is “101 Main St.”. He looks up and sees the house number is "103". Realizing his mistake he turns to walk next door when the homeowner suddenly opens the door. It’s a huge, muscular, burly man. And he wants the pizza. An argument ensues.

What follows is a hand-to-hand brawl between The Driver and the burly man + his several roommates over the delicious pizza. In a race against the clock The Driver dodges and ducks and dives with The Pizza in his hand in a very Jackie Chan type scenario, keeping it intact to make the delivery to the next door neighbor before his time runs out.

The Driver successfully defeats the bad guys on the front lawn of the neighbors house. We hear a doorbell as a door opens revealing The Driver, bruised and bloody with a smile on his face presenting the pizza to the correct neighbor. The bad guys lay defeated on the grass in the background. He says “Pizza Time!” as the timer runs out and his watch beeps. Cut to black.




  • Jackie Chan inspired comedic fight scenes (use of props, hero at disadvantage) 
  • The shooting style of Edgar Wright (lots of fun visually comedic shots, sticks/dolly/steadicam on HH only when it serves the story)